Advanced Esthetics 500 Hours

The Advanced Esthetics Institute is the next step for licensed Estheticians to continue their education in advanced esthetics

A student completing the Advanced Esthetics program is prepared for employment as an Advanced Esthetician.

The objective of the program is to provide Estheticians with technical skills, safety judgments, proper work habits, desirable attitudes and competencies to work in a salon, spa, clinic, or medical setting.

Along with high-quality technical training students will learn safety comes first for the client/patient, such as client consultation, customer service, career development skills, business tracking systems, and marketing.


  • We provide students with an exceptional environment of experienced staff, and superior knowledge in both esthetic and advanced esthetic treatments.
  • Upon graduation and passing state exams, student will be able to perform treatments within the scope of practice for Certified Advanced Esthetics.
    Licensure in Certified Advanced Esthetics prepares the student to perform non-ablative esthetic treatments in a medical spa, laser clinic, dermatologists and plastic surgeons’ offices.
  • We prepare students with the knowledge and ability to safely and effectively perform advanced non-ablative esthetic procedures, within the scope of practice of the Certified Advanced Esthetician.
  • Our priority is safety first, teaching students the importance of parameters, Fitzpatrick Scale, photo sensitive medications, all affecting the outcome of a treatment.
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